Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Toys are a ton of fun!

One never knows what a dog will think of toys when they come into foster care.  Some love them and other not so much.
King had zero interest in toys upon arrival.  Then at his 2 week mark with us he decided they might be worth checking out.
D'light left a mess of toys out on the deck and King thinking about them...
Giving it a good stiff

And then hey "This guy is kinda fun".
He messed around with all the toys for a good bit of time and then decided to rest.
Oh but it might be fun to play with this rooster
"I'm just chilling with my new friends!"

Silly dog. "Oh yes I think I love toys!"

Such a cute little boy!

Then when foster dad came home from work it was time for King to show off!
"Hey foster dad, let's play!"
And then it was time to give a game of tug a try with Catty.  Catty is a noisy player and King moves off since he wasn't sure about what she was communicating to him!
But, then he's back and gets the toy from Catty! 
Flash lightning arrives on the scene while Catty goes looing for another toy!
Then it's just a mess of toys.  While I was in the kitchen Catty and King pulled out so many toys!
I find the lone toy and give it a toss....
D'light says "I have it back!"
"Mine not King's orange ball!"

"Can you throw it again?!"

We go out and find all the fun

So many toys...

So much fun!

Silly little terriers!

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