Thursday, August 20, 2015

Having a blast outside

Once we were back from the lure event, it was time for Viva to really check out my in-laws property!  While their property is fully fenced, I don't want to be chasing Viva if she strays off into the trees and brush.  Chasing a dog is never good let alone a dog who doesn't know or trust you. Remember I'm a very new being in Viva's world and she has no reason in the world to trust me.  So, I attach the 50ft long line which always allows me to be somewhat close and it's easy to pick up if needed.  

I love long lines, I think they are an amazing tool and I frequently use them with foster dogs and our own dog D'light. I have two lengths - 25ft and 50ft and I use the different lengths depending on the environment.  The long line gives lots of freedom to the dog, give distance and space during certain training situations (like working on recall) and they will greatly improve your handling skills.  

Here are some past blog posts of times where I use a long line with our foster dogs:

Another bonus of the long line is that the dog can practice life enrichment without the pressure of uncomfortable distractors in the environment. For Viva the uncomfortable distractors are dogs who she's unsure of their intentions.  Viva is not one that would be successful or happy going to dog parks.

"What is that?"

She wasn't so sure about the pond so, she kept exploring

Up the rock and into the bushes

"Here I come!"

"So much to investigated!"

D'light having himself a good time...

On the move!

Back to checking out the pond from a new angle

D'light in his favorite hunting spot

Time to take off the long line and see how Viva does.

Curious about the water bugs in the pond

D'light is on the move

D'light in hunting mode

Viva says "I'll help you - I love to hunt"

Viva says "nothing here..."

Time to put the long line back on.  I call her over and reinforce her coming with an excellent food reward. I reward her for coming to me and then again once I click on the long line.  

  Viva is connecting the dots that good things come from me. She's really smart and has figured this out in less than 48 hours.

Viva onto another section of the property 

Little birds in the bushes.  Both are deciding if it's worth the hunt

Sweet D'light

Pretty, pretty Viva!

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