Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jump and be impressed!

Viva is a powerful and athletic girl.  She's currently overweight but, that doesn't slow her down.  I cannot wait to her in action once she loses about 3 pounds.

The treat is in the air and you can see her intensity - I kid you not when I say she caught every treat I tossed up in the air.

Viva thought this new game was pretty amazing and I was more than impressed with her eyesight and skill.  You can see D'light in the background - he's going off to hunt while Viva and I play.

As we play the game of tossing a treat in the air watch her...

And again...

The girl has moves!


Viva is figuring out that not only does good stuff come out of my bag... I'm actually fun to engage with! Excellent progress in our relationship building.

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