Friday, August 21, 2015

Games and relationship building

After all that exploration/running around I decided it was time to  start working on relationship building with Viva.  She doesn't know me and coming to me or listening to me isn't very important.  I certainly don't blame her and it's my job to help her learn that I'm actually worth trusting and that good things come from me.

I sit on the grass - yes I have my treat bag attached to me. 
Viva says "What do you have there?"

"Oh mom I hope you brought the good treats!"

D'light knows what's up and Viva is curious

We play some games of me tossing treats into the grass for Viva.  She thought this was excellent!

I offer D'light a treat wanting to see if Viva will rush in to take it.

Viva did great and just waited for D'light to eat the treat
D'light on the other hand is less than impressed with the treat!

I had a variety of treats and D'light found one that was acceptable. 
Viva ready to play the game again and she's putting it together that excellent things come from me.

Good looking dog and they are doing welll together!

As we continue the "find it game" I decide to toss a treat in the air...

Stay tuned to see what Viva thinks of this game!

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