Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lots to investigate at Pacific Community Park

Once King was back in the car, I found out we had more time before D'light started his first lure race.  So, it was time for D'light to explore the Natural Gardens at Pacific Community Park!

There's been a noticeable shift in D'light's environmental behavior over the last 8 months.  I attribute this to all the environmental work we have done with him.  Because of this, he's much more confident in new environments.  Making sure we find fun & interesting environments, this helps D'light to feel safe and it stretches his world experiences and creates lots of positive life experiences.

With all that said, we have bolstered and purposely reinforced D'light's love of hunting on our environmental enrichment trips.  I can't say I would do this with all dogs but, for D'light this has been a good choice.

When D'light is in hunting mode, his fear and anxiety of the environment now quickly.  Even when there's nothing to hunt (like at this park), D'light choses to be an active hunter. The downfall of this is that it's next to impossible to get him to look at me so, face pictures are becoming rare! 

"Anything to hunt here?"

Days gone by, D'light would have not adventured into tall grass or plants that were wet.  But as I said, when he's in hunting mode - those things that use to worry him are no longer a big deal.

You can see the water on the plant from the earlier rain.

Looking and wishing

Trying to pick up some scent

Pretty flowers within the grass and weeds

Wet face and body!

"No time for pictures mom!"

Finally a shot of his wet face!

We found these fun rocks to jump on

Good looking boy!

More great rocks!

Time to head to a different section

Gotta take the rocking road!

"I'm sure there must be something over here!"

Getting a higher spot to check things out

I know where we are going next!

On the move!

Nothing in the bushes except getting a head full of wet! 
A good shake off always helps.

Time to start heading back to the car..

One more hunt...

Oh D'light your big hunt of the lure shortly awaits you!

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