Monday, August 24, 2015

Horseshoe Lake Park

After leaving my in - laws I knew I needed to stop to get gas.  I don't get gas in Oregon if D'light is with me.  In Oregon you can't pump your own gas.  So, there's a gas station employee who does this.  I about came out of my skin the first time I witnessed D'light's behavior when the gas station attendant came up to the window.  D'light turned into a complete crazy dog - barking scratch in his crate and just sounds flat out mean.  I thought maybe it was a one time deal and I soon found out it's just what D'light does.  So, I have a couple of options of how to work with this.  I can do behavior modification around the events or I can just manage the environment. The easiest choice is to not get gas in Oregon so manage the environment is what we do!

So we headed back into Washington and stopped in Woodland, WA to gas up.  As we were leaving I saw some signs for a park and decided to give the dogs a car break. I was actually looking for the lilac park but, found this one instead!

It was great in that the sight lines were pretty good.  Meaning I could see if a dog was in the area and if so we could go in a different direction.

As I've said, Viva is extremely reactive to dogs so a big part of our training plan is going to be on working to minimize her leash reactivity.  This begins with managing the environment.  Sight lines are going to become very important with Viva.  

When we arrived at the park - I left the dogs in the car and went and checked out this park.  No dogs, no humans, good sight lines and it was a Monday mid morning in a tiny town.  The likelihood that we would be alone was pretty good.  I also paid attention to how we would quickly exit if a dog showed. up.  If this was a busy park or I didn't like the sightlines we wouldn't have ventured out of the car.

Out come the dogs and as you will see, we have a nice time at Horseshoe Lake Park!

D'light taking in the environment.
He's pleased there are trees at this park since in his mind trees equal critters.

Anyone up for a game of horseshoe?

This park is about a mile off of I-5 so, easy on and off.

On the move!

Time to check out the lake

Lots of smells!

Neither dog was interested in going into the water

But, they were happy to walk the water line

Something interesting

Viva finds a sand castle

Headed over to another section of the park

And guess what they found... a squirrel to chase up the tree

D'light barking at it - like that will make it come down...

Viva really wants the squirrel and she goes from 0 to 100 when she sees something to chase.  She's powerful so you better have a good hold on her leash.

Off to check out something else.

We head up the walkway and the dogs were more interested in watching the kayaker in the lake.

I saw this large sculpture when I was checking out the park and knew we'd be going and seeing what it was. Viva on the move as we head over to the sculpture

Pretty girl!

This sculpture is the The Mascot Replica  - who knew!

The dogs were less than impressed but, I thought it was cool.

It's a large feature with pretty flowers and plants around the base

I ask Viva for a sit and she was happy to give me one.  D'light was to interested in the environment around us.

Viva says "Let's go!"

We move on and it's time to head back to the car

Viva is ready for a drink and D'light is still interested in going back to the squirrel tree!

Time to load up and head home.

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