Monday, October 13, 2014

Seven out on the long line

I'm always looking for low traffic places to run Seven on the long line and I found another great place!  Here's a past post of Seven tries out the long line 

The Madison Valley Stormwater Project was finished about a year ago  and it's a pretty cool little park and as you will see Seven agrees with me!

We arrive at the park...

Next it's time to check out the environment - Seven LOVES to be outside having lots of fun, he's a very busy boy.


"What's down there?!"

"Why take the path down the hill when we can go straight down the hill!"

Very little slows Seven down!

So much to explore!

And Seven gets his scratch on!

He scratches the ground for a variety of reasons - excitement & marking

Seven is a very curious boy

Having lots of fun on the long line

Run Seven Run! 
He may have short legs but, he can run like the wind

Watching the birds

"What is this thing?"

More to watch - there were people walking on the path above the park

 "Are we going to do something?"

Time to work on recall!

Great action shot!

"I love this place!"

More to sniff

Got my eyes on you!

More watching of what is happening in the environment

Good looking boy!

And time to head back to the car.  This time we went up the path!

Of course we had to stop to jump up on the rocks!

Seven's silly smile!

 "How do I look?"

Time to go Seven - he's not ready to go!

"Are you sure we need to go?!"

We stop to check out a few more things

One last sniff and off we went to the car

Here's more info about the Stormwater project for anyone curious!

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