Sunday, November 30, 2014

Enhanced set up for the dogs!

In our dinning room we have an area that is set up of 3 different spots for the dogs to hang out on.   Two spots on top and the third in the crate.  Catty and D'light love this set up and they both spend time on the top of the what we've created.  Given it's getting chilly, the holiday gift of a warming blanket came early!

I have the blanket spread out over the beds and then under the other blankets.  I'd forgotten that I'd bought a therapeutic memory foam bed for foster dog Torii (which she didn't care for) and I put that where Catty is laying.  The new bed warm therapeutic is pretty popular!

D'light clearly needs to make himself more comfortable!

D'light  enjoying the warmth of the blanket!

Sweet, relaxed boy

Good lookin dogs enjoying their new area!


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