Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Quick adventure - Part 2

We headed to a park adjacent the zoo and what a beautiful place! This location is the Woodland Park Rose Garden  I had no idea this park existenced.  Again I have the boys on the long line so that's one dog at a time since the line is 25 feet.  I really love the long line as do the boys!

"What is this place?!"

Seven taking it all in and what a great tree

Pretty fall colors

"What is that thing foster mom?!"

He ran to the fountain - such a curious boy!

 "What do I spy over there?"

 A pool and as you can see, Seven has no concern about jumping up to check it out!

Lots to take in

Time for Seven to head back to the car so that D'light can explore!

On the move. I need to check this park out in the summer as I bet it's beautiful.

Checking out the fountain - I love his expressive ears

What do you think D'light is thinking....

Critter hunting!

Off he goes...

"Not much up there mom"

We walked by the pool and it was fun to see D'light so engaged in this new environment.

Checking out another fountain

Time to start heading back to the car

One more critter scan before we head out.

What a lovely park! 

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