Monday, December 1, 2014

Do snow & critter hunting go together?

D'light says "They sure do!"

"Oh critters... where are you?"

"I'll find you soon enough"

Off he goes on the long line

What a beautiful day to hunt

 "I'm on the scent!"

"Are you in here"


"One of my hunting tactics is to blend in so they don't see me coming!"

"I'm coming to get you!"

So much space to hunt, so little time...

"Where are you hiding?!"

Watching & patiently waiting....

"I'm done waiting... back to hunting"

Up the hill we go

Gotta get over the log

Good watch point!

"Here I come to get you "

"Mom, no squirrels -  we need to find a new searching spot!"

"This looks good - time to get searching!"

"Lets get down that hill to see what who we can find"

I want to find squirrels not birds!"

"Are you up there?"

What a pretty boy!

Almost got one!

These "hunts" are very enriching for D'light.  He loves to hunt and this gets his body and mind working double time.  He's a very independent and engaged hunter!

I can smell you!

Almost got you again!

What a fun time!  D'light flushed out about 6 squirrels and the snow didn't slow him down.
Back to searching as we head back to the car to head home.
Even after 2 hours of hunting he was still ready to keep at it...  
Once we were home we had a very tired and relaxed D'light!

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