Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Proximity matters

Catty is a dog that doesn't like other dog in her space bubble.  If a dog gives her space she's usually just fine with them (once they have walked together  - see this post First- impressions).

However, when Seven came to us he clearly did not understand the importance of  giving other dogs space.  So, we did a lot of management with baby gates &  supervision. We also did/do a good amount of training to help Seven with impulse control.

All of this work has paid off! While the work may seem challenging in the beginning, it's worth it in the end as it saves a lot of heartache and headaches for the dogs and the humans.  Because of the work we did, Catty and Seven are doing very well together and that makes for a peaceful, low stress household. Here's an earlier post Seven longs for Catty helped to build up to where we are today.

Good boy Seven for giving Catty space and Catty doesn't think you're half bad.

Here's a great link talking about Importance of space  in the house, outside of the house and space for dogs with people.

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