Sunday, November 16, 2014

The 3+ hour tour - Part 2

We left the hustle and bustle of the Arboretum....

heading to a secluded little area that is just south of the 520 floating bridge.

D'light and Seven figuring out who's been her before them!  

There's a nice little public dock and this will be a great place for us to launch our kayaks next summer!

"What's down there?"

Seven thinking about jumping in - I'm pretty sure he would do it if he thought there was a critter to catch down there!

Catty having a good sniff!

Taking in the sights and smells!

Catty is bored and ready to go!

Off we go and Seven lets everyone to know he's been here!

Action shots of D'light

We're well into this walk and check out Seven!  The boy loves to move

And how cute is Seven?!

And of course Catty and D'light are good looking too!

Group shot!

We stopped to check out the view of Mt. Rainier as we were almost home

Final stretch

And what do we get after a 9.5 mile walk over the course of 3+ hours?
Three tired adorable terriers


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