Monday, November 24, 2014

Who's next?

 Because Seven was adopted, this opened up a new foster spot.  In no time flat our foster spot was filled with one of many dogs who desperately need fostering.  Our new foster girl will arrive the first weekend in December and we are very excited to welcome her into our home.

Here's her story:  She is roughly 9lbs, about 10'" tall and about 1.5 years old.  She was dumped at a drill rigging site 5 weeks ago in Pixley, California.  The drilling crew saw her being dumped and they took her under their wings.  The big, burley rough neck crew were drilling 24/7 for the last 5 weeks and during that time they had been letting her sleep in the break room and feeding her.  With their drilling job ending they started sharing her story and that story eventually made it to Lynn Bonham who pulls 99% of our foster dogs.  Lynn is our eyes and ears in Central California and we are very, very lucky to work with her.  Lynn let us know about her and we happily said yes to fostering her.  She's described as a bit timid, sweet and smelling like an oil rig!

So, while we can get angry about the people who dumped this girl that anger and outrage doesn't do any good.  What we need to focus on is that caring drilling crew who went out of their way to help and find rescue this sweet girl.  And a special thanks to Lynn who is temping and vetting this little gal until she gets up to us. 

This dogs story is compelling but that's true for so many dogs in the central California area that are in over populated shelters.  So many of these shelter dogs they are great dogs, there are just way too many of them...

We desperately need foster homes so if you want to make a difference in a dogs life think about fostering with New Rattitude!  Here's more detail on foster home support from New Rattitude

And what's this new gal's name?  It's Coccinelle after one of the Cayuse Vineyards

Coccinelle Vineyard—It’s the French word for “ladybug,” and this 4.5-acre was first planted in 1998. Bionic Frog Syrah is produced from this vineyard. 

Vineyards of Cayuse Winery

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