Monday, November 10, 2014

Quick adventure - Part 1

We had a busy Friday morning!  Seven, D'light and I were meeting with Lori Stevens & Mary Dolan to fit the boys with a new variation of the Balance Harness (it's still in the production phase but stay tuned).
Since it wasn't raining we headed out early to stop and have a quick adventure in a new place before our meeting.
"Where are we?"

Seven is just beyond adorable and he's working his sit!
It's the zoo!

We found something interesting....
Seven thinks this is a strange looking beast.

Seven has nice body language as he approaches this odd thing

A slow, cautious sniff...

Ha, he was looking to do a butt sniff!
Once he figured out this wasn't a living being he moved onto the next set of beasts.
"Who are you guys?"

"Hi there!"

Cutest picture ever!

We moved on and here's Seven sitting while watching dogs walk by. He's really doing fantastic when he sees other dogs.  Good boy Seven!
Love the color of the fallen leaves
Enough training time to run around and have some fun.  We had to the back of the zoo and he hears the animals and no doubt smells them too.
Since I wanted to use the long line I have just one dog at a time.  D'light is hanging out in the car waiting his turn.
So much to take in!

I have no idea why there are cannons at the zoo but, they are cool looking!

After a bit it was time for Seven to hang out in the car so D'light can have his outside turn.
No big surprise D'light wanted to critter hunt.

Then we walked by the beast - D'light wasn't sure of this thing!

D'light's interpretation of the baboon statue!
Stay tuned for part 2 were the boys and I check out another part of the zoo!

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