Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Busy weekend - Part 2

We had a number of things to get at Lowe's and Seven is clearly ready to check things out - yes those are Christmas lights to the right of Seven.

"Lets do this!"

"Whatcha doing foster dad?"

"Do you need help foster dad?"

Time to move and nothing phases Seven.  There's a lot going on here: the cart, the automatic door, the temperature change from outdoor to indoor, noise, smells and people.

Seven doing great and giving me eye contact which of course I reinforce with food.

"Watching all the activity"

"What are those things?"

On the move again. Seven does great with staying close by foster dad.  We are going through some tight spots, pass a guy and no problems.  Great job Seven.

Waiting for foster dad to get what's on his list

More watching

Time to move on

Waiting again and there's that eye contact

Time to check out and more waiting...

"Foster dad, how long is this going to take?"

Sitting and waiting - good boy Seven!

Time to go!  This was a fun adventure for Seven

Busy weekend for Seven - lots of errands! And even with all the errands,  Seven logged about 15 miles of walking.  Talk about a tired terrier!

Here's Seven out walking with foster dad since Catty, D'light and I were at Nose Work class on Sunday.

"It's kinda wet out foster dad"

The rain doesn't slow him down much

Sweet Seven!

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