Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why is Seven so lucky?

Because he's been adopted by an amazing adopter!  I'm not sure who is more excited about this adoption - us or Seven's new dad.  Seven is keeping his name and he's moving to Las Vegas where he's soon to be spoiled & having lots of wonderful adventures.  Seven's dad is newly retired and he was looking for a active buddy to stay busy with.  Seven surely fits this bill and with his dad's terrier experience this is a rat-tatic match.    

Seven will be with us for another week as his dad is driving out to pick Seven up and then they are going to have a fun road trip back home. So, you'll see a bit more of Seven in the coming week!

Seven has been with us for just about four months. In that time we've done a lot and here are some of my favorite memories of fun loving sweet Seven!

First day in foster care - a long walk on a hot day!

Getting out to a local park - our first of many park adventures!

Seven and his favorite toy in the world!
One of many adventures with the long line!

Seven loves to be outside and part of the environment

He's curious about everything

He loves to go experience the outside environment!

And he does kick back and relax

One of my favorite pictures of Seven

Relaxing in the sun during our warm summer

Back to the first couple of days in foster care - being a total goof ball with his belly band

Seven loves to steal socks!

We completed a 5 week positive training class. Seven did great and I learned a ton!

Seven showing off "go to mat" - we worked on lots of new skills while he's been in our care

After a slow integration, Seven did fantastic with Catty & D'light

We did lots of leash work and Seven is a wonderful learner!

Adventure at Golden Gardens - he wasn't a fan of the salt water

Again a very curious boy!

We had fun at Lincoln Park

Seven is up for any adventure

Action shot!

Seven watching all the activity at Cal Anderson Park

Doing great with Catty!

On the move

Just an adorable boy

Seven at the Sculpture Park 

On break when he went to work with his foster dad
Having lots of fun running up the logs

One of many walks to the parks on Lake Washington

Walking in the rain

Looking great in the fleece sweater

Sweet Seven putting up with me dressing him in this crazy sweater

Out and about on a fall day

Helping foster dad out on a shopping adventure!

Started some basic Nose Work and Seven did great!

Silly boy!

Another adventure
Seven loves to check out fountains

Always ready for something

These two are critter hunting buddies

Sweet, handsome Seven

We will miss Seven but, we know he's going to have a wonderful new life! We were happy to be Seven's bridge to a second chance that so many shelter dogs deserve.

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