Monday, November 17, 2014

Seven visits Ballard Locks

Now that Catty's car sickness is resolved, this has opened up some really fun Nose Work classes on Sunday! This past Sunday our class was at the Ballard Locks.
I decided to get to class early so that I could get Seven out and about.

Entrance to the locks

There's a fish ladder at the locks that is cool to visit when the fish are running

empty lock

Here's the view while walking over the locks to the otheside

Seven checks out all the cool stuff!


Sitting watching the people.  It was a chilly morning so his fleece was a must!

The area was loud and the platforms that you walk across do move.  As you can see,  Seven wasn't phased.


Photo bomb!


We were heading to the fish ladder and walked through these cool wave sculptures


Seven is excellent with his practicing his sit outside!


We headed down to the fish ladder viewing room and Seven did great!


Time to head back since class was getting ready to start

And waiting for class to start were Corwin (past NR dog) and his dad.  Seven and Corwin met and they did great.  Seven is a little more intense in his greeting than Corwin would like.

Good boy Seven and thank you to Corwin for a good dog meet up!  We all headed back to the car to switch out Seven and Catty.  Stay tuned to see how Catty did at the Locks.

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