Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We have a visitor!

Every year around this time we dog sit Lacey.  Who is this sweet girl?  Lacey was our first foster dog and she was adopted by my mom.  Lacey was rescued from a Texas shelter and she was high heartworm positive.  We fostered her through her heartworm treatment and we had such a good experience we decided to keep foster.  We've been fostering since March of 2011.

Lacey is a sweet 9 year old gal who is having a time with us while her mom is soaking up the sun in Hawaii!

So what do all the other dogs think of a 4th dog in the house?  Catty and D'light are fine with Lacey and Seven is doing rat-tastic!  After a good walk together, we integrated all four dogs within the first hour.  Seven was excited to meet Lacey-  he rushed in a bit to quickly to her face which she gave him a "back off" message. Seven appropriately listened to her and all has been well.  Good boy Seven!

We had some early morning sun and dog beds were moved for the dogs to catch some warm sun. 

Seven wishing he could have the bed Lacey is on

Seven did excellent with waiting until Lacey left before resting on the bed he wanted

Time for a rest

 But there wasn't enough Sun for Seven.  So, he head out to our den to see what he could find.  D'light was in the sun and you can see Seven found the sun too!

Silly Seven - he's dead asleep in this position.

Seven dead asleep -  he doesn't realize foster dad is taking these pictures!

Seven like all the other dogs in the house loves the sun spots!

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