Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not an easy four dog photo shoot

I thought that with four adult dogs this would be an easy photo shoot on our stairs.  Wrong on my part!  All four had their own plan of how this went and it was a real challenge!

Catty says "I'm here!"

Lacey wondering what's going on - Seven says "lets get this going!"

Everyone shows up and I have lots of pictures like this - them all looking the wrong direction!   

You can tell  by the tongues who the 2 food motivated dogs are!

Lacey and D'light were not interested in any type of food so this was a challenge.

Catty ignoring the butt sniff since I have a treat - Seven is trying so hard to give me what I'm asking for.  I'm sure Catty & Seven were wishing the other dogs would pull it together and get with the picture taking program!

The best pictures

More goofing around - not Seven he's still focused!

Seven getting tired of this non-sense from the other dogs.

D'light and Lacey are done!  Catty and Seven still willing to work for a treat

We have Seven and Lacey for another couple of days so, I'm going to work on getting a good picture of all four dogs.  Since I change the banner on my blog every year, I need a new picture for 2015.

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