Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chilly dog sweater time!

It's cold out so, I decided it was time for the dogs to wear heavier sweaters.  We have a number of Chilly Dog Sweaters which are warm and pretty cute too!
 Seven thinks this sweater is a bit nuts!

"Really foster mom - this is embarrassing and I hope I get a good treat for this"

"How's this for a cute picture!?"

Everyone hears the treat bag so you know what that means....

D'light is also in a Chilly Dog Sweater and he's had enough of this photo shoot.

Seven and Catty are more than ready to keep at this for a treat!

I think Seven looks adorable but, I'm pretty sure he prefers his Gold Paws sweater in this post Sweater time 

And Seven says "I can play in this crazy thing!
Here's D'light showing off the same sweater!

Watching the birds out the window

"Mon - you're a bit crazy in choosing this sweater design"

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