Wednesday, October 22, 2014

D'light & the love of his life

You can see what D'light thought of "rest time". He's on the back of the couch looking out the window, longing to get back outside!

Outside we go and lucky for D'light we're about to have some mind blowing fun!

"Is that what I think it is?!"

"I have to see!!!"

"Oh YES it is!!"

"I want it now!"

"Lets do this!!"

Before I can get the lure set he's acting like a crazy dog!

And how can I set it up when he's doing this?!  He had me laughing up a storm.

Finally I had to put him in the house so I could set the course.

Off it goes and D'light has more fun chasing the line than the actual lure!

He does a lot of running at the line with his mouth wide open

He gets a lot of exercise with chasing the line and then the lure!

Trying to patiently wait for another chase of the lure

"Please move so I can chase you!"

"Still waiting..."

"Mom, make it move"

"I guess I have to get it moving on my own!"

Getting in the box to get at the spool of string!

Back in the house he goes while I set up the course and then off he goes!

"I love my lure!"

Back at the box again...

Best time ever! 

 D'light is in need of a break which he doesn't agree with...  

Watching out the window... wishing to chase his lure!

There's no doubt he can't wait to head back down to our  in-laws to play with his favorite toy in the world!

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