Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Who's the lightest dog in the house?

It's now Seven and he's hit his goal weight!  

When Seven arrived to us back in late July he was a bit of a sausage weighing in at 14.4 pounds and his coat was dull and flakey.
Seven while at the shelter

Seven is now 12.4 pounds!  

Keep in mind Seven eats twice a day.  He's fed a high quality grain free food along with coconut oil - his coat is now soft and shiny. Remember that we do use food as a reinforcer when we are training. Despite all of this he's still lost a lot of weight due to portion control on our part.  His meals are measured out and when training, we use treats that are easy to tear into small pieces.  Seven has no idea the size of the treat - he just knows he gets food as a reinforcer for giving us the behavior we are asking from him.

Look at his beautiful muscle definition thanks to all the walking we've done with Seven 

Way to go Seven you look spectacular and you clearly feel wonderful with getting rid of that extra weight.

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