Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Outside fun for Catty & D'light

After a busy week of learning it was time to wind down with some outside fun!  

D'light quickly took advantage of the outdoor space at my in-laws.


Then it was time to explore! 

Lucky for us there was no rain!

So much to sniff!

Hunting for chipmunks!

We hadn't been at my in-laws for a couple of months so, there was lots of sniffing and exploring to be done!

D'light hoping Catty will flush something out that he can chase after

So much to explore and check out

After a little over an hour, Catty was done so back into the house she went to get some R&R.

Not D'light he was just getting warmed up!

He loves this area and who knows what he's hunting for!

Watching the tiny birds in the tree

And something is moving in the plants

In his hunting stance

Gonna go check it out

He's now been in this area for over an hour...

What's over there? 

D'light decides to check out a new area.  One that he's not be interested in before!

Wow, there must be stuff to hunt way up there!

Off he goes

And more hunting!

We heard a chipmunk!

Into the rhododendrons he goes

Wondering how to get way up there!

He wanders to the other end still sorting out how to get up the large hill

And off he goes!

He's in this picture - deep in the brush!  Glad he had on his collar so I could hear where he was.

After his hill adventure he found this rock that he thought was pretty amazing!

And then it was time to search the back couple of acres!

D'light was fascinated by the grasshoppers!

"Gonna get you!"

After a while it was time for an inside break.  
But, what a great afternoon for both dogs!

Here's where we found Catty!

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