Thursday, October 9, 2014

What happened?!

"Where's the sun foster mom?"

"It's cold out here and I really want the sun to come out"

"Foster mom, this stinks - I want the sun"
"Foster mom can you make the sun come out - PLEASE!"
"Maybe if I take a nap it will come out"

Still no sun... D'light has had enough

"Aww, this is better - back in the house on a warm blanket"

"D'light gave up but, I'm still holding out hope!"

Wondering where Catty is? 
She's in the front of the house in the window where the sun is coming in!

"Why are you bothering me and don't tell the boys about the sun in this room!"

And Seven's patience pays off! 
"Awww.... the sun"
Take it in Seven as there won't be many more sunny days!

Sweet, sweet boy loves the warm sun!

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