Saturday, October 18, 2014

Divide and Conquer - Part 1

Last Saturday, Catty and I were going to be gone all day. So, lucky D'light & Seven got to spend the day with dad/foster dad getting out for their much needed long weekend walk.

The boys had a 9+ mile adventure!  

People often ask "can your little dogs walk very far?".  I have to laugh saying, "Yes, they could out-walk most humans!"

Walking on the beach at Madison Park

Seven wants to GO!!

He loves to jump logs and rocks

Watching the sea planes take off

Just watching as he never wants to miss anything!

Please let there be squirrels around here!

No squirrels but lots to sniff!

Lots to watch as well

Time to explore

Of course Seven is up on the rocks!

Such a handsome boy!

Gotta check out what's over here

Seven's turn up on the rocks

Beautiful photo of a good looking boy!

Photo bomb! 

Stay tuned to see what Catty and I were up to!

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