Saturday, October 25, 2014

Play time!

Look who is beyond adorable in is sweater!

Seven says "lets play!"

With the rain coming down, we've been burning energy  in the house playing with his green monster.  Even though we are playing we are still training around impulse control and manners.  Good boy Seven - you're such a smart boy!

I love Seven's intense look of  "I'm ready for more playing - are you?"

Cutest picture ever!

D'light wondering what he can do for fun

"I have a plan mom!"

What a silly, silly boy!  He's climbed into his extra large sleep sack and found this toy

"I have you!"

A good time of staying warm and hanging out with my toy!

Catty was watching the boys play and she thinks they are crazy to be playing when there's a perfect sun spot!

Getting sleeping in the sun

"Sun you'd best not be leaving me!"

Time to get some sleep in the warm sun

And by this time Seven has found another sun spot to kick back and relax in!

While Seven is full of energy, fun and personality - he does have an off switch when he gets enough mental and physical stimulation!  He's a fantastic little fella.

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