Thursday, October 16, 2014

Seven goes to work with foster dad - Part 3

After a rest (after all foster dad did have to work) it was time to head over to the sculpture park for a potty break.

Seven says "Look how cute I am"

And off they go! 

Seven LOVES to be outside taking in the environment

"Enough with the pictures foster dad - lets get exploring!"

So much to see!

"Ready for the next part of the park!"

"Watching the birds and people"

"Seven loves to take everything in"

Great view!

"Ok ready to go see the next sculpture!"

Seven's body interpretation of the sculptures!

Kuddos to foster dad for getting so many great photos.

Foster mom's favorite picture!  


Taking a break and enjoying the adventure

Time to get going

"Wow that lady is huge!"

"Do we look alike?"

Time to head back to work

Nap time while foster dad get backs to work!


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