Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A great walk on a beautiful fall day

Fall is here and when it's not raining we are getting all three dogs out for a needed walk.  Catty and Seven don't mind the rain but D'light hates it.  

On this walk we found some lovely trees and we all had a great time.

A massive cedar tree

Off we go - I take D'light and Catty, Seven walks with foster dad.

I admire the tree and D'light is hoping a squirrel will appear!

And we found this!

We stop to look at some other trees. The dogs are watching the crows...

Catty says "Ok they've left so lets go!"

The boys are still on crow watch!

Done with crow watch, Seven heads over to Catty to say "Can you tell the humans lets get going!"

Catty delivering the message...

Catty waiting for an answer and Seven telling D'light to go ask if we can get going!

Restless terriers ready to get moving - there places to go and things to see!

Off we go!

D'light is sure there is some critter hiding in this fallen tree!

Beautiful willow

True terriers - all three are always ready for the hunt

Time to get moving

D'light and Seven checking out what may be living under the hedge. Catty being the smart terrier that she is, knows there's nothing there so why waste time!

We covered a good 8 miles on this walk!

Found this interesting tree

And with fall being in full swing we found this yard decorated with pumpkins!

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