Sunday, October 5, 2014

Out and about!

We've had an amazing summer full of long warm days.  This worked out well for Seven since he's a busy boy who loves all the activity outside.  So, as we roll into the rainy fall/winter we are trying to get in as much outside time as we can.  

Here we headed down the hill from our house to check out a park on Lake Washington.  As you can see, Seven had a rat-tastic time!

"Lots to see and take in"

On the move

This is a typical Seven picture - blurry from moving so quickly

More to see on the other side of the park!

Wanting to get at the critters!

"Gotta get moving!!"

The movement of the water slows him down and he takes it all in!

Cutest busy boy ever!

Watching the water hit the steps

I toss a stick to see if he'll go get it...

Not interested in the stick but fascinated by the water & rocks.

Stretching to see if he can check out what's interesting to him

Got to it!

"It was just a rock foster mom!"

More stuff to smell and see!

"This place is pretty cool!"

"Smells like goose!"

"I'm having a ton of fun!"

"What is going on over there?!

"Do you see it foster mom?"

It was a crew team out on the water


He really wanted to get close to the crew boats

This was a fun park adventure for Seven and we'll be back down here on the rain free days!

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