Sunday, October 19, 2014

Divide and Conquer - Part 2

While the boys were out walking, Catty and I were at our very first Nose Work trial. It was a great time and we were a great team, earning our first title!  In order to title the dog/handler team have to locate the hidden odor in a certain amount of time in all four elements (interior search, vehicle search, container search and exterior search). If you miss one you don't get your title.

Even if we had not titled, it still would have been rat-tastic! Catty LOVES Nose Work and I love watching her excitement and our teamwork.  Every time Catty and I work together she teaches me something and I adore this funny girl!

Here's a great link talking about Nose Work and you can see what it looks like for a team to trial in the elements of an interior and container search. Remember the handler has no idea where the hide is - the human can't see or smell.
Canine nose work: Train your dog to use his nose

Funny girl sitting pretty with her Nose Work 1 title ribbon

I'm looking rat-tastic give me a treat for all my hard work!"

Yummy treat - worth this crazy photo shoot!

Do you have more?!

"Is this think made of food?!"

"Any food in the center?!"

Yippie for us!  Nose Work has been an amazing adventure for us both - stay tuned to read about another fun Nose Work adventure that Catty, D'light and I took part in.

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