Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall colors and critters at University of Washington

We headed over to University of Washington campus to see the fall foliage.  We passed by Peace Park and D'light was curious about the bronze statue. 

Then he decided he was scared and started barking.
We work with the statue and a bit of food reinforcement and all was ok.

We move on and found mushrooms - they are all over if you are looking!

We find this pretty flower

We arrive on campus and D'light is ready to critter!
I want to take pictures and you can see D'light has his agenda.

The department of Forensic Morphology Annex-fabricated stainless steel

Off Brett and D'light go while I take pictures.
I find some fantastic leaves
D'light and Brett find lots of squirrels. 
D'light is happy we brought his 40ft long line!

We move through campus and lots of the leaves have fallen. 
D'light says "Good that's better for spotting squirrels"

Denny Hall

"I see you up in that tree"

"You lookin at me?!"

Off D'light goes and what a beautiful backdrop of color!

More mushroom finds

And more squirrel chasing. 

Squirrel way up in the tree, Denny hall in the background

We move on into the quad.  Both D'light and Brett are on squirrel patrol.

We were at this same spot back in March with Catty for Cherry blossom insanity
A very different landscape! 
Hardly any people and fall cherry blossom colors.

Here comes the rain as you can see by the rain drop on the camera lens.


We find a wildlife tree

Time to motor!

"Come out"

"No way man"

We move on and pass by the hub

"Who are you?!"

"Can I have a treat for getting close to that weird thing?"

Back on critter crack

The rain really started coming down so it was time to start heading back.

Rainier Vista

A few more chances for a critter spot

We find this neat grate on our way out of campus

Time to head out!

A fun time and all that critter does amazing things for D'light brain, body and confidence.
Her are the after effects of crittering.  D'light loves a warm spot and to burrow... So, once we were home we turned on his electric heating pad (under the white blanket) and he headed under this blanket.  After about 30 minutes it got hot so this is how we found him.  Sweet tired boy!

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