Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kubota Garden in the fall - Part 3

In case you missed them, here are the first two posts in this series:

We have a few more spots to see

I love all the fallen leaves that have blown into the different plants.

We find this water crossing and D'light quickly headed out and then had second thoughts.

He stops to think about moving forward or coming back. 

We wait for his decision...

He decides to move on

His body language looks great and now to see if wants to cross to the next part of the bridge.

No problem

and away we go to the next section.

A little hesitation 

And off he goes again. This was really great for D'light. With each step he built confidence as he mastered getting over the water way.

D'light says "See that bridge in the background? That's what I just crossed! Now lets go look for critters!"

We move on

More water to cross

Off he goes without hesitation and way to go D'light!

Head check as he smells something!

He did get to chase a squirrel!

We are just about done at the park and it's been a nice trip.

"Time to go already!"


  1. That's so fantastic that D'light had the confidence to do all those water crossings! I found myself almost cheering as I was scrolling through the pics. And love the lingering fall foliage pictures - everything is so pretty!

    1. He did great and it's fun to watch him as his confidence builds right in front of you! I love the lingering fall too. Such a beautiful time of year.