Sunday, November 27, 2016

Throw back series - Part 2 - Port Angeles

Off we go!

Viva and I went first across this grate (which she could care less about). You can see D'light was a bit worried with the grating.  Brett waits for D'light to make some decisions.

Viva comes back and says "It's ok D'light."

D'light does decide to move forward and you can see the worry on his face.  Once he was across he was given tons of verbal reinforcement and food reinforcement.
And he then went back on the grating to look over the side.

Viva says "Good job D'light!"

D'light making the choice to cross the grating was a big deal for him.  Again, we never force him to do something like this.  Here you can see he does a stress shake off post grate walking.  He gets a boost of confidence for his decisions and we give him lots of reinforcement for his choices.

All good and he decides it's time to keep exploring.

Lots of neat stuff to see


We head into downtown and Viva did great.  While in foster care we did a lot of behavioral work with Viva.  When she first came to us she was reactive to people and dogs.  When she left us, her reactivity to people was all gone.  She was still reactive when seeing unknown dogs but, her family knew that and were on board with continuing that work.

We found this odd piece of art work

More art!

Farmers market and no dogs allowed


Time to head back to the car and head to our next destination.


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