Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fall photo shoot

Clearly I love all the outdoor color this time of year!  There is a park a couple miles away that has some amazing color so off we went to walk and check it out.

"Lots of colors on the ground!"

D'light is not impressed by the foliage.  For D'light, trees equal critters and that's what is on his mind.

"I smell squirrel!"

One track mind for this crazy critter boy.  You can see he has on his critter face and he takes crittering very serious!

Catty says "Come on D'light pull it together for the camera.  We get yummy treats when that camera points at us!"

 "Must locate critters!"

Catty says "Forget D'light! Look at me"

This made me laugh.  What is D'light doing? He's air sniffing for critter.

A good looking duo!

We move on and he's still on the look out

Catty keeps her eyes on the prize - that would be the camera.

No critters around and D'light says "Hi mom, how about this nice photo op!"  

What a sweet handsome boy.

Pretty Catty girl in a bed of lovely fall colors

"Lets go!"

This is why D'light wanted to get moving!

And some pretty leaves we found on our way home.

One more leaf photo and then off we go.

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