Thursday, November 17, 2016

Road trip to the Olympic Peninsula - Part 1

We decided to get out of the gloomy Seattle weather and headed over to Sequim to find some blue sky.  To get to Sequim, you take the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island and the drive an hour west.  Sequim is in the Olympic Rain Shadow and the average rainfall is under 17 inches a year.  Compare this to Seattle getting roughly 36 inches of rain a year. 
Off we go!


D'light just about flies away from the wind

"It's windy!"

Lots to investigate

We arrive and Sequim and you can see the Blue Hole over Sequim.
Here we are looking east of Sequim and no blue hole.

Kingfisher looking for a meal

We back track (east of Sequim) and it's time to explore Sequim Bay State Park
We immediately find mushrooms!

Critter boy

Pretty fallen trees

Check out the burl and you can see D'light's tail as he's off to hunt

Some the biggest and brightly colored crust fungi we've seen!

On the move

So many mushroom!


jelly-like fungi

Shroom on their way out of the ground

Stay tuned to see more of our Olympic peninsula adventure

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