Sunday, November 6, 2016

We explore North Seattle Community College

One of my favorite locations for our nosework class is North Seattle Community College.  It provides some great search areas with lots of challenges and we have a ton of fun.  We often arrive early and/or stay later to walk around campus.

You'll soon see why we like it!

It's so pretty in the fall and these pictures are right before the fall colors turned.

There's lots of art work on campus

Virginia creeper is all over campus 

"Look at me!"


"I'm here"

"Camera give me a treat!"

We walk by this massive mural.  It's one continuous mural that I can't capture in one photo.

We move on and find a fun place to get a photo

"What's over there?"

Queen of the world!

Fun times exploring the waterfall

"What's down there?!"

Still thinking about it

We move on and find more art work throughout the campus

"Take pictures of me please"


Art is up down and all around at this campus

Looking good Catty


Lots of photo opportunities with Catty

We find this hydrangea and what beautiful fall colors!

No spray paint added and I loved these leaves!

One more shot and then it's time to go!

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