Monday, November 21, 2016

Road trip to the Olympic Peninsula - Part 3

After a nice lunch, we headed over to Nearshore and Estuarine Restoration Project.  This site use to be a restaurant but they tore down the restaurant and are in the process of the restoration project.  I wanted to go and see what kind of birds were out and about and we found some!
D'light ready to check out the beach.
"No critters at this place!"

Lots of smells and things to investigate

It was so beautiful and well worth the drive to Sequim!

"There's some birds over there"

Off we go and D'light has zero interest in birds so that makes thing much easier.

It was super windy!

Taking in the environment

Lots and lots of widgeons and gulls

Off in the distance you can see the New Dungeness Light Station

There were hundreds of widgeons

Sandpipers and you can see how tiny they are compared to the gull

Off the go!
Neat picture of them in flight

Widgeons and gulls on the move

"So many birds!"
Stay tuned for more of our adventure at Nearshore.

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