Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hunting mushrooms and critters

D'light asks "Where are we going today?"

We decided to head over to the arboretum. Both dogs like it since Catty likes to read all the pee mail on the way over and D'light loves to critter hunt at the arboretum.

We took the long route so we could tuck into some of the wooded areas.

D'light on the hunt...

We find what we are looking for....  mushrooms and fungi!

We arrive at the Arboretum and D'light is ready to hunt!

There are still fall colors at the arboretum

One track critter mind...

Not a surprise D'light was on critter crack as the squirrels were really active.

"He's a critter crazed boy!"

We find even more mushrooms!


Still lots of pretty leaves on the ground

One reason I wanted to come to the Arboretum was to look at the Gingko trees

"Oh are we going to get treats for this photo shoot?"
Yes the do!

Catty will strike a long pose as she knows the behavior produces some yummy food reinforcer.

We move on and one last look at the Gingko tree with what else.... mushrooms.

Pretty girl with a pretty background


While D'light and Brett were off hunting, Catty found a slug to roll on.

Lots to see at the Arboretum


There are markers that are concrete laced with broken color glass throughout the arboretum

A big pile of mushrooms

Catty is not impressed with the mushrooms

D'light is hunting critter not mushrooms!

Ready to keep hunting!

More mushrooms and the variety is amazing


This was D'light most of the trip!

We arrive hope to a beautiful view of Mt Rainier and Seward Park

With fall winding down, here are some of my last fall pictures taken from our deck.
Crows roosting



A neat picture of Lake Washington, the I-90 bridge, Seward Park and Mt Rainier.  Taken on one of the morning walks that Catty and I take.


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