Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kubota Garden in the fall - Part 1

With the fall colors leaving us, we wanted to see if we could still catch a glimpse of the change in seasons at Kubota Garden.

D'light could care less about the fall colors.  What he cares about is critters!

"Any critters at this place?"

"Please tell me there are critters here."

Off we go!

We quickly find some fantastic colors!


A ginkgo tree, which I just love!


D'light catches a whiff of something

"Squirrels, come out and see me."

Lots of reds and yellows throughout the park

"Lets go!"


Another Ginkgo tree 

Lots of colors on the ground!

We check out one of the many ponds

"Gotta get a better look!"

"No critters time to move on"

There were still some hydrangeas in bloom

And many were dying off from the change in seasons

Off we go...

Time to investigate

"No critters in the water"

Looking up to see if they are in the trees

D'light heads out

He wants to get across the water but, stops when he's unsure about moving on the rocks.

Worried boy and D'light did not want to go first.  So, we head over first and that's enough for D'light to feel safe with crossing the water/rocks.    We never force D'light to do something like this. If he didn't want to follow we would have found another way around.  We have done a lot of environmental/confidence work with him over the years.  So, we have a lot of trust built up and this trust helps him to move forward at his pace.

"Trees = critters!"

More pretty colors!

We head up to check out the top of a waterfall with D'light choosing to walk the log.

Such a sweet boy!

Up at the top of the waterfall and then back down we go.

"Where to next?"

We have more of the park to see so stay tuned!

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