Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Road trip to the Olympic Peninsula - Part 4

Nearshore and Estuarine Restoration Project stunk but, it's beautiful.  The stink was from the decaying seaweed and probably lots of bird poop.  You do get use to the smell but, it takes a few minutes!
"I love the smells!"
The sky was just amazing

Neat to watch so many birds

A huge pile of stinky seaweed and D'light isn't so sure about it.

He moves on...

"Oh crap!"

"I'm good!"

Stinky feet

On the move and all was just fine with D'light

We all preferred the sand to the stinky shore line

Brett took this photo and I just love it.  D'light confident in the environment and running his nose down the log catching lots of scent.

Lots of cool logs and stumps

Shells all over the place

We were the only people at Northshore and it was so peaceful

"D'light making sure there are not critters around"

Brett with his camera

He got some great shots of a large ship passing behind the new dungeness lighthouse

The clouds were on the move and it was amazing to watch the color changes.

D'light enjoying himself

Silly, silly. boy!

Time to head out as we have one more stop before we head home.

A few more shots as we leave.

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