Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Throw back series - Part 4 - Elwha River

In case you missed them, here are the previous posts in this series:

Lake Crescent

We stopped to explore a small section of the Elwha.  Here's more information about this amazing river:  Visiting the Elwha: Explore a river transformed

There were a number of people and dogs at this trail head so, Viva needed to stay in the car due to her dog reactivity.
D'light was ready to see what was going on.

Lots and lots of green!



D'light wasn't real thrilled with all greenery at face level.




A pretty spot and you could spend a couple of days in this area exploring the Elwha.


  1. Really amazing scenery and photos, Julee...reminds me of Alaska. And we always love seeing D'light at ease in his environment.

    1. The olympic peninsula is beyond amazing. We all love it and it's just beautiful. I bet this series sure did remind you of Alaska!