Thursday, February 11, 2016

Catty says "I love my muzzle and The Bucket Game!"

"I'm ready for vet prep!"

"What's is taking you so long?"

"I'm still waiting...."

Time to get to work! You can see in the above video that Catty is thinking "Hurry up and get the muzzle on so I can stare at the bucket!".  
Last year I did a whole series post on muzzle training with Catty.  Here are those posts:

Here's a great resource The muzzle up! Project for those interested in learning more about muzzle work.

 Here we are working on wearing the muzzle, using The Bucket Game and prepping for a shot.  You will see that the treats I'm using are not working all that well. Good to know as I will be bringing flatter treats to the vet office.  Catty also would like me to get quicker with buckling up the muzzle.  

Catty is a wiz with her muzzle thanks to all the work we've done around muzzle training.   When Catty sees me bring out the muzzle her little tail just about falls off from being so excited to see the muzzle.  She certainly has a very positive emotional response to the muzzle.   My plan is to have Catty wear her muzzle during the physical vet exam and then when her blood is drawn.  The muzzle is a wonderful tool to make sure that everyone stays safe.

Time for more practice and I have now added a toothpick into the syringe.  By doing so Catty can experience the sensation of something similar to a needle. 

Here we go and no problems at all! 

"I love all this vet prep!"

"Why are we stopping?"

So at this point we are ready to head to the vet for a true vet prep.  I will gather our tools and off the vet we will go.  This will be just a test run to see what else we need to do and for Catty to experience the vet exam room with all our fun tools.

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