Friday, February 12, 2016

Vet prep bloopers!

Catty and I have had a ton of fun with all of our vet prep. While we did great there were some times where I wasn't quick enough for Miss Catty girl!  Here are some of those times and boy does she make me giggle.

This was one of our early "Bucket Game" sessions.  Catty knows what's in the bucket and as I am trying to take a picture watch what happens...

Catty having to take matters into her own paw!

Good thing I had the lid on the bucket.

"Why didn't the treats come out?!"

You can hear me giggle in the video - how cute is Catty?!?

Catty is a girl who wants to train and she say "Move out of my way D'light!"  Keep in mind she went from the ground, up to the chair and then onto the table.  She may be small and older but the girl can move when she wants to!

Here we are muzzle training with The Bucket Game... Catty says "I will make my own bucket game!"

And cutest video in the world... Viva has been at my feet during all of our training sessions. She pops up and gives a full on kissy face.  

As you can see training is a lot of fun at our house and no one wants to miss out! 

Our next set of posts will be us doing two trial runs at the vet. Then we will be ready for the actual vet visit so stay tuned.

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