Thursday, February 4, 2016

Catty and I are having fun learning the Bucket Game

This past summer there was new "game" created by Chirag Patel that caught my attention called The Bucket Game.   It peaked my curiosity and I had it on my "to do"list to check out.

One of my main goals with Catty this year is to work on vet prep and at home care with Catty.  I spoke to Lori Stevens (who is our trainer) and she thought our training plan was super.  We also spoke about the Bucket Game and agreed that this would be great as it would give us another tool in our "tool box".

The Bucket Game is centered around giving your dog a choice to cooperate or walk away. At any point, they can walk away and remove themselves from anything uncomfortable. By giving them this choice, you give them control over what is done to their body. A dog that volunteers to participate will be a much better patient and will be less stressed than one that is forced to hold still with physical restraints. The Bucket Game can be used in other training scenarios.  

Here is the link to The Modern Dog Trainer (who I have quoted above) and the excellent podcast by professional dog trainer, Dearing English, KPA CTP, to discuss The Bucket Game and its uses in animal husbandry.  

We need a "bucket" and treats.  That's it.

Here is our first try of learning about this game - watch her tail. You can see Catty thinks this is beyond amazing as she figures out that she is rewarded with her behavior of staring at the bucket.

Try number two and you can see Catty's brain figuring out the game. Cute that Viva is watching from behind.  

"I love this game!"


This is the first step of The Bucket Game.  Stay tuned for how we progress in playing this fun game!


  1. Love to see that The Bucket Game #Gameofchoice is going down well! Great blog post.


    1. It's amazing and we just love it! Thank you for all you do to help so many!