Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Always so much to see and do at Seward Park - Part 2

We always run D'light and Viva separately at Seward Park.  One of many reasons we do this is because I think it's impossible to run two dogs on 50ft long lines!  We've come to enjoy spending 1:1 time with each dog as we can tailor our adventures to the sections that they find most enjoyable.
In case you missed it, here is part one of Always so much to see and do at Seward Park - Part 1
With D'light loaded up in the car it was Viva time!  This girl loves her time at the park and every trip she makes us laugh with her terrier antics.

"Who's ready to play?"   

This area is a hot spot for Viva. There is consistent squirrel activity around this tree and Viva has a steel trap memory.  So, when we get close to the area, she starts hauling to get a jump on the squirrels. I hold on tight and run as fast as I can!

This log is at a 45 degree angel and over 50 ft long.  We tag team this log by Brett running up the side and to the top and I stay below holding the long line.  Viva has great balance and core strength and she maneuvers this long like a pro.


"Here I come, move out of my way!"

We quickly move as she's hot on critter trail!

Very little gets in Viva's way when she's after something

She will wait and you can see her thinking through her next move

"I'm coming for you"

She can turn on a dime so one needs to pay attention!

You better be on your toes because you never know which way Viva will go!

Luckily she decides to take the easy way down

Sniffing the air...

A pretty huntress!

You can see her in action

Time to go and hunt, hunt, hunt!

While Viva was hunting around we heard a loud screeching!  We scanned the sky and saw two of the bald eagles that live at Seward Park.  We've had about a dozen bald eagle sightings at Seward Park in the last month and they are amazing.  

Taking pictures is pretty impossible since they are up so high and our camera only zooms in so far.   This is from the ground and the pair is at the very top of the tallest tree.  It took a while to actually find them high in the tree!

And super zoom


 Here's a beautiful picture (not mine) of one of the nests at Seward Park.

We head over to an area that D'light likes to hunt.  This was Viva's first and last time at this spot!  This rock wall is why we will stay away from this area.

 The rock wall ranges from 2 to about 4 ft in height.  As Viva was hunting around some trees up hill from the wall, she took off towards the wall.  On her 50ft long line she ran along the base of the wall and was looking up. Then she spun on a dime and headed towards the 2 ft wall, jump up and I could tell was going to jump off the other side.  Luckily she was at the end of the line so, she didn't go over!

As you can see it's a steep slope and a long ways down!

Viva is a whole lot of Terrier so, one always needs to be prepared for some terrier craziness!
Once we were home it was time to rest and dream about the next adventure.


  1. It's so much fun seeing the individual personalities and capabilities of the dogs...they are each so special and mighty in their own way.

    1. Yes the are and man do we stay on our toes with them. Never a dull moment with any of them :)