Saturday, February 27, 2016

Did you say Nose Work class?

Here is what I typically see as I'm getting the car ready for us to head out to Nose Work class. 
I walk in our front door at the top of our stairs and I get the...

"We all want to go!"

Catty says"I need to make sure I get to the car!"

Viva says "D'light, we already had Nose Work class this week. Maybe we get to do Nose Work twice this week, which would be fabulous."

Group shot before we head out to Nose Work class!

Viva stayed home as she had already been to Seward Park, catching the sunrise with foster mom.  We are going Catty's Nose Work class and D'light came along to check out the environment before class.  Stay tuned to see the amazing time we had.  Oh and in the coming days you will get to see Viva's wonderful progress in Nose Work class.

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