Friday, February 26, 2016

Sunrise chasers...

Viva is very, excited that the is sun is rising earlier and earlier!  With more light in the morning that gives us time to go run around at Seward Park.  Throughout the winter we've been going to smaller, less exciting parks that are well lit for our morning adventures.  

So, as the sunrise occurs earlier and earlier we are casing the sunrise to have maximum outdoor morning time!   The wonderful part of this is what I get to see so early in the morning...

 One of our many early mornings at Seward Park and there's a lovely view of Mt. Rainier.

Lots of birds enjoying the morning

The sunrise on a different morning

"Lets see what's going on!"

On this morning we saw an otter swimming in Lake Washington

Viva loves to snuffle around where all ducks have been foraging

Time to get a move on

After a great morning adventure time to head back 

Viva watching the birds and the two bald eagles that live at the park have been very active. We've heard and seen them on a number of mornings.

A beautiful view!

Well worth getting up and out early in the morning

And what does Viva do once we are home?
She quickly finds her bed to rest on while we get ready for work.

Relax girl grooming herself

And time to rest while we are gone at work

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