Friday, February 19, 2016

D'light says "What is with all the fungi?" Part 1

This is the first year that we've really started looking for fungi when we are out and about. Time to share at all that we've found at Seward Park.

While D'light scans for critters we scan for fungi.

Tiny little ones that you might miss if you are not looking closely

More to find as we make our way into the heavily wooded forest

We head into The Magnificent Forest at Seward Park.  Since D'light enjoys perching to critter scan, that is how we spot a lot of the fungi. Do you see it?

Lots of colors and interesting to look at

Here's a close up and it was strange with the orange stuff slowly dripping down.


We find more of the same fungi on another log

We find this little jelly fungi



D'light is great to hunt fungi with! He likes to do a good amount of stopping to sniff the air and look around for critters. If you stop he will patiently wait for you which is nice.

Some other good finds


As D'light is looking around...

We find this 

Watching and waiting...

Gotta go!

We find more!

'Where are you fungi!"

Stayed tuned for part 2 with even more of our finds!

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