Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Viva has a blast at Woodland Park

Viva says "What is this new park?!"

Lots and lots to smell! 

While Woodland Park is large, we are staying in one section that is full of trees & pretty good sight line.

Viva is very agile and she enjoys finding perches in the environment where she can scan for critters.

Off we go!

With the 50 long line, Viva has a great time and I'm getting in pretty good shape!

Hunt, hunt, hunt!

Viva stops to scan and sniff the air...

She swings out and the squirrel was way up in the tree!

"Let's go find more foster mom!"

This was a great spot as there were a lot of leaves with lots of smells.

I find this log with tiny mushrooms

I have no idea why this smelled so good

Viva had to crawl into the branch for a better whiff!

A lovely afternoon

We head down a trail and Viva smells and sees a squirrel!

Oh she was so mad that she couldn't catch that squirrel

This is what the majority of Viva's pictures look like on this trip!  We saw a lot of squirrels & we had lots of fun.

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