Thursday, February 18, 2016

Catty says "Look at the fun we have after our vet prep visit!"

Our vet is in the bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.  This neighborhood happens to be a place that Catty really enjoys exploring!


After vet prep at the vet we went on a long walk.  I did this because it's a very positive experience for Catty and even though we did great at the vet to a certain extent I'm sure it was still a bit stressful.    Another reason for the long walk was because I don't want to create car aversion with Catty after the vet visit.  I've done a lot of work with Catty around riding in the car  - she has travel anxiety and can get sick when that anxiety gets to be too much.  So, having lots of positive experiences is a pretty big deal!

We head out and stroll by the soon to be light rail station on Capitol Hill.

Catty finds a prize of a paper wrapper from Dick's hamburger stand! 
She is a hard core "garbage picker" and she will drop what she finds with the cue of "leave it". 

We walk through the set up of the Farmers Market. Catty loves all the activity!

We head through the campus of Seattle Central Community College which hosts the Farmers Market.

"Do you think the farmers have any treats for me?"

"Guess not but, maybe I can find something interesting up here!"

"Look at me!"

"I'm having a great time!"

Off we go!
I love that Capitol Hill has a number of cross walks with the rainbow painted on the street.

Crazy girl can't decide what she wants to catch - the crows or the garbage on the ground!

We head over to Chophouse Row which is fun to walk through

"Oh mom we must go get a death cake from Cupcake Royale!"

"No cake?!  Guess we can keep exploring."

Having lots of fun and there's a lot to smell in this area as there is a doggie daycare in this area.

"Anything good up, down and around here?"

"Lets keep looking!"

Watching the birds and she's wondering if she wants to get after them.

Love you Catty girl!

Time to get moving

This nice lady stops us and she knows Catty is a Rat Terrier.  She wants to pet Catty and I say "No Catty wouldn't like that but, you can ask her to sit pretty.". I gave the lady a treat and she asked Catty to sit pretty which Catty did and the lady gave her the treat.  I've found this to work well with folks who want to "pet" Catty and once the trick is done we say "Thank you and move on".   


We head out and get moving up the hill

Lots of colorful paintings along this strip

"Hi mom, I love all of this!"

A visit to Cal Anderson park and Catty watches the ducks

This was crazy as the ducks clearly are fed by people. They start swimming over to us...

Catty says "If you get any closer I'm going to jump on you!"

I get us moving as I don't want a wet Catty. 

This part of the fountain is shut down for the winter

Catty is having so much fun!

Time to head back to the car and home

Stay tuned for our actual vet visit!

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